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From the comfort of your own home, we will meet regularly once a week via skype or facetime. This is a safe space, where you can talk to me about your thoughts and concerns. Together will optimize your lifestyle, for you to experience a healthy pregnancy and to give your unborn beautiful bundle of love and joy the best start in life they can have.

The earlier you sign up for consultation in your pregnancy the better, but it is also never too late.

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Standard Service

Together we will set up a personal meal and exercise plan, I will also assist you in answering all the questions that might come up regarding your pregnancy.

Premium Service

Together we will set up a personal meal and exercise plan, and I will assist you in answering all the questions that might com up regarding your pregnancy. Having more time will give us chance to go deeper into your needs and preferences concerning your  pregnancy, eating habits and exercise level.

Premium Plus Service

Together we will set up a personal meal and exercise plan, I will assist you in answering all the questions that might come up regarding your pregnancy. Having more time will give us chance to go deeper into your needs and preferences concerning your pregnancy, eating habits and exercise level. I will also be available to you throughout your pregnancy via email, meaning if you have an urgent questions you can write to me and I will respond within 24 hours, this way you will not have to wait until your scheduled regular session.
I will guide you until birth with no extra charge.

Postpartum Consultation

The first few weeks with your baby are beautiful and exciting, at the same time those weeks can be overwhelming and confusing. I am here for you to answer any questions you might have, newborn care, how to take care of the belly button, breastfeeding, recovery from vaginal or a c-section birth and everything else that might come up. One on one personal consultation twice a week and email answers to urgent questions that I will answer with in 24 hrs.

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I got to know Asthi after the birth of my son. She came for post partum home visits and supported me after I had gone through a very difficult and traumatic birth. She also helped me with recurring nursing  problems and was just a huge help both physically and emotionally. To get fit again after pregnancy I visited her buggy fitness classes which I truly enjoyed.

When I fell pregnant for the second time, I went to her childbirth preparation classes and also visited her  personal one on one midwife counseling sessions. Asthi was always there for me with competent help and advise. Every time I was overwhelmed with worries I could count on her for her professional but at the same time emotional support.

Because of her very comfortable personality and her professional competence it was very comforting for me to have her as my midwife for the birth of my daughter. She took extreme good care of me and was a great support throughout the birth, I always felt secure and safe in her hands.

Again she visited me post partum and always listened to my worries, answered my questions and her advise helped me a lot.

After a couple of weeks I went to her post partum exercise classes and then again buggy fitness.

Asthi will always play an important role in my life, because she was there for me with her help in the beginning of my children’s life.

Vera Kolbfleisch

Asthi helped me and guided me through every aspect of my first pregnancy, with her professional competence, passion and love for her work, I felt save and supported. From Childbirth preparation class, acupuncture, support at and during birth, and home visits there after, Asthi was always there for us. It did not matter day or night she helped us with her professional advise, unbelievable help during this special time in our life.

Thank you Asthi, with your support you not only made the birth of our son easier but you also made it more special.


During my second pregnancy Asthi was my Midwife from the beginning on, right after our first meeting I knew and felt that I was in good hands. It was my second pregnancy but it was to be my first natural birth. Every childbirth preparation class I attended was both really entertaining and informative. Asthi answered all the question my pregnant “class mates” had with patience and humor so that the time in her class flew by. Her professional competence as a midwife was enhanced by her own personal experience of childbirth and motherhood that she often shared with us. Asthi also acupunctured me before the birth, even though I am very afraid of needles, with her I could go through with it.

Silas did let us wait, finally on 20.02.2010 I went in to labor…..after 12 hours our second son was born 21.02.2010 at 6:37 am, a successful VBAC. During the birth, that I was able to go through without an Epidural, Asthi was the best midwife I could have had. She was there for me with her loving support and her calming art. In the moments I wanted to give up she motivated me and helped me find the strength I needed. Throughout the whole birth I felt safe.

Also post – partum Asthi took great care of me and Silas. She visited us at home and helped me through post partum issues and I could always call her and count on her.

My time in her post partum exercise classes was also entertaining and with various exercises she kept us working hard. When the weather was good we would exercise outdoors with the strollers and “drill instructor Asthi” made sure we were sweating and not just strolling in the park. The results were great, never would I have imagined getting fit so soon after my second child!

At this point I just want to say thank you again, dear Asthi, for your loving and competent all around guidance – it’s been a while……I recommend you and your work from the bottom of my heart  – every women is definitely in great hands with you.


Love Miriam.

Miriam Ludwig

A couple of years in a different country can be a challenge for anyone. And then you get pregnant and you feel even more lost. In my case I was lucky that there was Asthildur Huber. She guided me through my second and third pregnancy. From small questions to a child birth preparation class. The feeling of trust and sincerity that she gave me every time we met, made me feel understood and good. After the birth of my second son I hade some complications wound nipples and a “lazy bladder” she was there for me day and night.

Here again a ” Big Fat Thank You Asthi”

Ulrike Ostendorf

Asthi supported me after the birth of both my daughters Eliana and Myah. She is absolutely helpful and gave me great advise. I always felt like I was in good hands with her and I would recommend her any time 🙂

Thank you again Asthi

Kathrin Downs

I got to know Asthi when a was taking childbirth preparation classes during my second pregnancy. She was always there for me and ready to answer any question I had. My first birth was a c-section and I had high hopes and wishes for a natural childbirth. Asthi was there for me on the day my second child was born. She supported me with great strength and enthusiasm, unfortunately after many hours of labor we had to have another c-section, but also in that moment she was there with love and support she stood my side and embraced my daughter Amy in her arms in the OR. Asthi guided us through the first weeks after the birth…… with home visits after birth, Baby Massage classes, post birth exercise classes…….it was a beautiful time, that I still love thinking about today.

Thank you dear Asthi

Mandy Nürbchen

Asthi supported me during both my pregnancies.

In 2011 I visited on of her childbirth preparation classes, and after that class I could visualize my future with my baby in a way more relaxed way than I had before. When my daughter Lene was born 3 weeks before here due date via c-section Asthi was there for me, she supported me during the beginners difficulties of nursing a new born, she respected my decisions and supported me in every way she could. In her buggy Fitness courses and post partum exercise classes she helped to get fir again.

2013 I fell pregnant again, and after my great previous experience I decided to attend her child birth preparation classes again. She gave me good advise on how to master live with two kids. This time my wish for a VBAC was strong and she guided me through a natural birth and was there for me post partum.

I would always pick Asthi again as my midwife. She took me seriously, guided me through all my worries, helped me feel stronger and ready for what to come. She always gave me the feeling that I could count on her no matter what! She stood by my side with her competent advice! Asthi is an amazing midwife who loves her work with heart and soul!

Katrin Becker

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