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Why it is a good idea to get nutritional counseling during pregnancy?

Reasons Why a Nutritionist is Good Idea for Both You and Your Unborn Child

Pregnancy related complications are on the rise. New studies show that Gestational Diabetes is soaring- leading to many health related problems for mom and baby that are not only relevant during pregnancy but also birth and thereafter.

Gestational Diabetes, for example, really does not have to happen and, in many cases, can be prevented with the right nutrition. I myself am living proof of this. I was diagnosed with GD in my second pregnancy and most likely suffered with it in my first pregnancy as well because screening was not standard at that time. In my later two pregnancies, I knew how to nourish my body right and had no issues with blood sugar.

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure is another pregnancy related complication that can lead to premature birth, c-section, and again other long term health issues for both mom and baby. This problem too can often be prevented with the right nutrition.

We all know that obesity during pregnancy can cause many subsequent health related problems which can be prevented with the right lifestyle and the help of a good coach.

Being vegetarian or vegan can cause deficiencies during pregnancy, so it is extremely important for vegetarians and vegans to eat and supplement mindfully during pregnancy to prevent nutritional deficiencies that could affect your unborn baby.

Feeling sad or depressed ( IMPORTANT I am not talking about clinically diagnosed depression which should always be under the control of your medical doctor) can sometimes be a symptom of low iron levels or low vitamin B levels (especially B2, B6 and B12). This can be cured with the right nutrition or supplementation.

Currently in the United States, because of the modern lifestyle filled with too much sugar, processed food and a sedentary life-style, life expectancy is on the decline.
Don’t let your baby contribute to that statistic!

Pregnancy is a beautiful adventure! You should be able to enjoy it and feel good every day without swollen ankles and exhaustion because of vitamin or mineral deficiencies or needing to check your blood sugar six times a day. You have the power in your hands to be healthy and go through this wonderful time positive and full of energy. Just like giving up alcohol and tobacco, it is also important to take care of your nutrition. You can view your pregnancy as a chance or an opportunity to clean out your pantry and become healthier than you have ever been before.

These are just some of the reasons hiring a nutritionist during pregnancy can be beneficial for you and your little bundle of joy.

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