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Healthy and easy snack for pregnant women : dates energy balls to make your labor smoother !

We could call this a “successful date ” !!!

Dates are wonderful and healthy fruit and are a great source of fiber, potassium, and iron. They also contain significant amounts of vitamin A, K, and B6. All of which are great benefits for an expectant mother and her growing child.

But did you know that dates have also been proven to show a positive outcome when it comes to labor and birth? It was once thought to be an old wives’ tale but now there is scientific evidence that proves the date’s positive effects during birth.

Studies have shown that when a pregnant women eats 6 dates a day she is more likely to go into spontaneous labor and  less likely to need medical intervention during labor, such as pitocin (synthetic oxytocin), which is used to increase and strengthen contractions.

There where two groups of women who took part in the study; one group ate 6 dates a day from week 35 and the other group didn’t. Out of the women who ate the dates 96% of them went into spontaneous labor, only 4% had to be induced. Out of the women in the “non date group”, 21% had to be induced – that is five times more!

The amount of time spent in labor was also less for the women who consumed dates every day versus the women who didn’t. Seriously, what’s not to love about the results of this study?

In this video you can learn how to prepare healthy and delicious date balls. They are a perfect little pick me up snack.  Also a great source of energy that you can take with you to the hospital/birth center when you go into labor.

Here is what you need for the recipe :

I have to be honest with this one, it’s a “guesstimate” recipe

* 10 -15 dates (pitted and soaked in water for at least 2 hours)

* walnuts, about two cups

* shredded coconut , about a cup (unsweetened)

* coco powder, about 1/2 a cup (unsweetened)

* optional add in some Ceylon cinnamon about a tablespoon

Blend everything together in a food processor. Roll them up in little balls and cover with coco, shredded coconuts, chopped nuts or whatever you think tastes good.

Pregnancy is the best reason in your life to live a healthier lifestyle.

I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy


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